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Welcome to Green Arrow Brands, LLC. We distribute technologies that improve the environment while they improve return on business investment (ROI). Our core area is the New York-New Jersey-New England-Pennsylvania area. We also serve customers outside our US borders in Canada, Europe and Africa through our affiliates and the global ProOne Distributor Network.

oil truckGreen Arrow Brands is an Authorized Distributor of ProOne extreme pressure lubricant technology. ProOne XPL+ technology gives lubricants a positive charge so they actually BOND to the surfaces they protect, which are naturally negatively-charged. So, products with XPL+ technology deliver cost savings via fewer mechanical failures, reduced unplanned maintenance, extended maintenance intervals and longer lives for equipment. In short, lower costs that help your business compete better. And, all ProOne products are vegetable-based, earth-friendly.

Green Arrow also private-brands microbial and phytological cleaners for health care, hospitality, and foodservice. And, our microbial petroleum cleanup technologies are unsurpassed.

Pro One Lubricants Green Arrow Brands

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